Wireless/Wired Gamepads

So reading through the rules, the only ones I can find pertaining to this would be Rule G21, stating:

During AUTO, any control devices worn or held by the DRIVERS must be disconnected from the OPERATOR CONSOLE and not connected until TELEOP.

Violation: FOUL

[strike]Thus, are there any other restrictions on wired or wireless controllers?[/strike] We were thinking between Logitech controllers, but are there any other suggestions on gamepads? What gamepads have worked out for other teams?

Edit So evidently I completely missed Rule 94, stating

Other than the system provided by the ARENA, no other form of wireless communications shall be used to communicate to, from, or within the OPERATOR CONSOLE.

(Blue box stating that Hybrid via Kinect is alright)

I think you’re allowed to use anything to control your robot as long as it doesn’t break any of the obvious rules (safety, strong beams of energy, etc). I’ve had positive results with xbox 360 wired controllers and with the Logitech extreme joysticks (the one with a twisting axis along with the standard x and y axes). I would never trust a wireless controller in the heat of competition. Wired ones are the easiest to troubleshoot in my opinion.

I believe that wireless controllers would be disallowed due to FIRST’s disallowing any rogue wireless signals on the field or in the pits, unless I’m mistaken.

I believe it’s also disallowed as the wireless controllers would require separate power sources from the laptop.

We’ve been using wired Logitech gamepads for a few years now. No real issues with them and our driver prefers them to joysticks.

Wireless communication within the operator console is expressly prohibited by <R94>.

We’ve used Xbox 360 wired controllers, and they’ve worked out pretty well. I think the biggest reason to use those over joysticks is that the drivers (typically) feel more comfortable with a video game controller in their hands. Most “kids these days” haven’t ever used a joystick…

Well that answers that question then. Wired it is. (Should have thought to look in the Robot section for the Operator Console.) Went back to my OP and changed the question to just wired gamepads and what has worked for other teams.

That’s where I’m going to do some objective testing. Meaning I’m going to drive with a pair of joysticks, then drive with a gamepad and see which I like better. I think that joysticks are alright. Our mentors, however, are absolutely floored by the fact that FIRST uses Joysticks, and that we use Tank, of all things. They just think that tank is 1. Outdated as of WWII and 2. As unintuitive as control gets. Thus, one of our mentors has our programmers working on a sort of hybrid Arcade control (We’ll put a whitepaper of this up when it’s done.)

Whichever controller and whichever drive algorithm you choose, make sure your driver is comfortable with it!

I’m the driver so that’s why I’m asking around for some test material

I’ve driven for our team the past 2 years so I get the privilege to build our O/I and I usually select wired play station style controllers. We typically run tank control so I like my sticks aligned with each other (whereas xbox controllers have the left stick shifted forward) In the past we have used the logitechones

It’s all about comfort.

The after glow ones work as well