Wireless xbox controllers for driving

We have an event coming up where we to hide the driver station and have it at a distance. Is there a way that we could connect our xbox controllers wirelessly? This would only be for this event and I don’t know if first has a solution for this. Our xbox controller has a usb c port on the back that we use for wired and it has Bluetooth capabilities but we don’t know if the driver station would work with it.

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The driver station works with Bluetooth as long as windows sees it as a controller.

Note that this is not allowed in official competitions (no Bluetooth)


Thank you so much for this information

I’ve driven our robot around a few times on a wireless Xbox controller for fun. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to be within around 20 feet of the driver station or you might have issues with connection and you can’t use any wireless controllers in an actual competition.

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Xbox one s controllers or newer have Bluetooth built-in, if not you might have to use a USB wireless adapter specifically for the Xbox

We also use our ps4 and 5 cobtrollers wirelessly (at home). It does allow for safer migration through the school halls (which we do a lot). One person holds the computer, and the other drives. Without wires between the two, this is much safer.

How does the DS recognize them? Do you need some additional software installed (I don’t remember its name rn)?

We do need to run Ds4Win. Also, because of this, we have not figured out how to run more than one at a time.

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