Wires hanging out

My FRC team was wondering if they could hang wires of of the chaise. Any help wile be greatly appreciated?

It really depends on what you mean, are you extending outside of the frame perimeter? Regardless, I wouldn’t do it as it will almost certainly end up in damaged components.

Thanks for the help.

As opposed to wires hanging out on a chaise?

You would be risking Disqualification under a multitude of general saftey and electronics rules, but I’d be most worried about the following:


Protrusions from the ROBOT and exposed surfaces on the ROBOT shall not pose hazards to the ARENA elements (including the BALLS) or people.


All wiring and electrical devices, including all Control System COMPONENTS, shall be electrically isolated from the ROBOT frame. The ROBOT frame must not be used to carry electrical current.

Wires could be viewed as hazardous if hanging out of the chassis. If you have wires leading to a manipulator, secure them with zip-ties!

You will not be allowed to start the match if the wires are outside of the frame perimeter. If you can’t fix it quickly your robot will be disabled. If they come out of the frame perimeter after the match starts and they extend less than 20" then you will not get a penalty however you run a serious risk of them getting ripped out or damaged. So keep them secured inside the frame perimeter and even if they are inside the perimeter keep them in a protected place as well as you can.

The operative word here is “entanglement”. Inspectors look for wiring that could be entangled in other robots or in the field elements. While these might be a safety issue, we want to insure you and all other teams can play a full match. If your robot should become entangled with another robot, neither of you will have a good time. If it is necessary for you to have a long umbilical of electrical wiring and pneumatic tubing, you may use small surgical tubing to hold it in place when your mechanism is in the retracted position. Your inspector may help you if your are still struggling with the implementation.