Wiring 2 CIM motors to one Victor

I am a mentor for 2 teams. Two CIM motors per wheel with one Victor appears to be disallowed, see below. Can you use two Victors (one per motor) with a common PWM input to get around? The motors would have tied output shafts via the transmission. Is the Inspection Item 300 Rev E the final word?

RULES: REV E, FEB 5, Inspector List ITEM 300

“Motors can only be driven by one Victor or Spike with only one motor per permitted per Victor/Spike”

This complies with rule R-62 I think,

but the old inspection Rev D, JaN 25, did ALLOW IT:

Motors can only be driven by one Victor (although a Victor can drive more than 1 motor).


Each CIM must be connected to exactly one Victor, and that Victor may have no other load connected to it. You are permitted to use a PWM Y-cable to control multiple Victors from the same pwm output on the robot controller.

We do this as well … one motor per Victor. A “Y” PWM cable (the black-red-yellow one of which 2 are supplied in KOP) goes from ONE PWM output on the Robot Controller to both Victors.