Wiring 775pro Correctly?

Well i was wondering how to wire the 775pro motor correctly, currently i’ll just hook the copper wire to the power intake directly and close it off using electrical tape.

Any suggestion on how to wire it correctly?

You should make sure you read the Game Manual to see what wire size, type and colours you should be using.

Just putting the wire on the terminal and taping over it will not work very well.

I would recommend that you use an Ozzy Board and Anderson connectors crimped onto your wires. I think there is at least one other similar product but I cannot remember the name of it.

If you are unable to get the Ozzy Boards, then you would have to solder the wires onto the motor terminals. It might not be possible to pass the wire through the hole in the terminals of the motor so you would then have to make a lap joint. The instructions in this link are from a NASA wiring standard and are pretty good and thorough.

If you are using 12 AWG (or the metric equivalent), or larger wire, ensure that you have a soldering iron rated for more than 15-25 Watts. Otherwise, the iron will not be capable of heating the joint up fast enough and you will get a poor quality solder joint. The large wire will carry heat away from the area of the joint much more than smaller wire.

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In addition to the Ozzy board connector, Andymark and Vexpro also offer very similar boards.

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In the past we would run half the strands through the hole, and the other half essentially wrapped around the tab, and had them meet on the back, to help make sure it was physically secure before trying to add solder. You can add electrical tape, or heat shrink, but one solution we’ve done is adding hot melt (basically hot glue) to help insulate the terminals.

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Just split the stranded wire half and half around the tab. Solder and tape over it.