Wiring a JeVois camera

Our team just purchased a JeVois camera, and I cannot quite figure out how to power and send data with the Rio/any FRC system. Can it be powered through the USB port on the RIO? Does it need separate wiring to power like JeVois’ website says? Can it be wired through the VRM? Anything helps

When we used it, we plugged it directly into the roboRIO with a USB cable, then talked to it through serial. We did struggle a bit with the serial communication with it, but i’m sure there are plenty of teams willing to help you with that part.

EDIT: just noticed your team number. I know 5190 used a JeVois last year, I’d recommend seeing if they can help you out.

Yeah, we used 2 JeVois cameras on our robot in 2019. They were both connected to a USB Hub which was connected to the roboRIO USB Port for data and VRM for power.

The serial communication was a pain to get working: we weren’t able to use the WPILib serial library; instead we had to use a 3rd party library called JSerialComm to communicate with both cameras through the USB hub. That code is available here.

We are not using JeVois cameras for vision processing this year, as easier and less expensive solutions like Chameleon Vision exist.

Thank you! I thought the VRM was the way to go. Did you have any trouble with the USB hub? In years past I’ve had some trouble getting them to work well with the Rio. Do you have any recommendations for one that does work?

I believe it was just an AmazonBasics USB Hub. The trouble wasn’t in the wiring but communicating with the cameras through the hub as I mentioned above.

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