Wiring a Pigeon 2.0


Our team recently managed to get hold of a Pigeon 2.0 in the hopes that we can use it to auto-balance, but we have a few electrical related questions…

  1. Do we need to use a second VRM to provide power (R616) or can we plug the Pigeon into the 12V/500mA port?

  2. If we can use the same VRM, will doing so cause any issues with the radio power/signal?

  3. What have teams found to be the best method of mounting the Pigeon? We have a wood bellypan and we were thinking of just screwing it in, but surely there are better options, right?

As always, thanks for the help :))

  1. The product page lists typical current draw at 40mA, so the 500mA port on the VRM would be perfectly fine.
  2. The pigeon draws so little power that i doubt it would impact the radio, though there’s always a possibility. Youll have to assess the (likely minimal) risk against your own risk tolerance to make that decision.
  3. For mounting, I’ve seen everything from drywall/wood screws to nut/bolt to zipties to Velcro hook-and-loop tape. All will work with varying levels of effectiveness. Give one a try and go from there. Trial and error is what its all about!
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Thanks, this was exactly what we needed!

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