Wiring a Talon SRX

What do I need to do if our Talon SRX is blinking red? It’s Using CAN. I’ve read all of the other posts but still cant figure it out. We’ve re-wired our robot so our wires are a bit all over the place. There could be a possibility I placed them wrong. But when I search how to wire it, nothing pops up. Bit of a newbie to wiring.

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How do you have your CANbus wired?

It should be from RIO to Motor controllers such as Talon SRX to PDP/PDH

There are excellent diagrams of how to wire the control system with both the new Rev components and the older CTRE components.

FIRST also provides detailed wiring instructions.

There are LEDs on both sides of the Talon. When they are blinking red, is it

  1. one side is red and the other side off, then flipping such that they are red and off, but the other way around – or –
  2. both sides are lit up red at the same time and then off at the same time

Pattern 1 is an indication of a CAN problem. Pattern 2 is an indication that the Talon is being commanded to output in reverse.

Assuming that it’s pattern 1, make sure that your CAN wire is always connected yellow-to-yellow and green-to-green whether in the connectors on the components or when connecting wire-to-wire. Be sure that you have the terminating resistor ON in the Power Distribution Panel or Power Distribution Hub, whichever you are using.

Try these

There’s one for CTRE products too, for some reason I can’t link it

If it is Pattern 2, as Paulonis described, it may be a programming error. The controllers are designed to go to the off-state if they are not getting commands via the CAN bus.

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