Wiring AMT10 series encoders to SRX Breakout?

Hi all,

We’ve tried to wire the AMT10 series encoders by CUI, which were provided in FIRST choice this year.


It seems that there are three signal channels:
A, B, and X (Index)

From my understanding, Channel A and B can be used independently if you just want RPM, and not direction. A and B together allow for direction and RPM, as B is out of phase from A. While Index serves as a reference for A and B, and is used as “verification.”

Since the SRX Encoder breakout board (http://www.vexrobotics.com/217-4398.html)
does not have X as an input, would it be okay to forgo the Index, and just use channel A and B.

The application is to determine RPM for mecanum drive,

Would it be better/easier to just use roboRIO wiring for this?


You can ignore the index line for your purposes.
It just gives one tick per full revolution as a reference point if desired. A home point if you will.


Ah, I suspected as much.

I will confirm tomorrow with an O-Scope.

Thanks for the quick reply.