My team has never used an encoder before but we want to use the planetary gear box motor that came in this years KOP and it has a built in encoder. We found an encoder wire from years past but the plug doesn’t fit into the encoder on the motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As per AndyMark’s page on the encoder, you’ll need this cable.

I see that I need that cable but I need to know how to plug it into the Roborio, that is my problem.

It plugs into the DIO ports.

the red and black cables are +5V and GND respectively, while the green and red are your two signal wires (so go to one sig channel each)

I’ve done a bit of searching on this myself as someone who is using encoders for the first time on a robot.

What doesn’t seem to be mentioned very often is that each encoder requires 2 DIO ports on the RoboRio. If I’m correct, I don’t believe it matters which port of the 2 ports the ground and the +5v go into, but the two signal wires then go onto the signal pins for the 2 dedicated ports for that encoder.

Make sense? Feel free to correct me if you have a better idea on the subject. This is just what I’ve managed to dig up.


Useful diagram found in LabVIEW encoder example

I figured it out! Well actually our coding mentor did, your guys’ input was valued. It was basically what Dexterium said so thanks guys!

What did you put on the unterminated ends of the wires to get them to plug into the pins on the RoboRIO? I think we need single-pin female jumpers that we can put the wires into. What are people using?

We use the female end of two PWM cables.