Wiring ArmaBot Encoder

I need help wiring the ARMABOT Encoder. Exactly how is it done and where does it go into the roborio? Thanks!
Also we have MAG encoders, from the 10pin to PWM, not sure if I do both channels and where do they go into the Robot Rio thanks!

Hi Michael!

Here is the website with technical information about the Armabot encoder: https://www.armabot.com/products/rs7-encoder

That encoder is a quadrature encoder, so can be used to count the number of rotations forwards or backwards the 775 motor has made. You may find this 2015 thread about wiring quadrature encoders to the roborio useful: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133263

It seems like you’re also trying to connect CTRE magnetic encoders to your robot. How are you trying to use these, and are you trying to connect them directly to the RoboRio, or to TalonSRX motor controllers?

Hi Michael,

If you go through the technology tutorial at the location Greg linked above and are still having issues let me know and well try to help out the best we can.