Wiring CTRE SRX Mag encoder to Roborio

We are wiring Ctre Srx mag encoders to the roborio with the PWM output for absolute mode. We have done a ton of research and cannot find a definitive answer if the encoder is plugged into digital or analog ports.

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A PWM is inherently digital. The absolute position output goes into a digital port on the Rio. A good thing since you have limited analog ports.

The simplest way to wire it to the Rio is to use a ten pin data cable to a break out board and then solder the lead from a PWM cable to the break out board. You will need to connect Gnd (0V): PIN 10, +5V: PIN2, and PWM output, pin 9. The break board and data cable are available from CTRE. T


The paragraph in bold at this link has details and suggested parts.

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