wiring diagram

i need a wiring diagram for the robot controller. because one of our graduated seniors fried the board.

What do you really need to know about wiring the controller? The power inputs go into the 12V terminals (remember polarity!) All the PWM cables should go into the ports that your program uses. If it’s default, look in the manual (I think the Left and Right drives go into ports 3 and 4 of the PWM Output terminals), Radio Cable goes into the port that says radio. I’m sorry if I’m acting like I’m treating you like a baby, but I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, so I’m stating the obvious.

ooooo:yikes: was there mysterious blue smoke by any chance? hehehe

If you’re looking for a schematic of the RC, they dont exist… at least not outside of the IFI staff…

darn thats what i was looking for cause the senior fried something on the board and it might be easer to find out what he fried by knowing what exactly how the controller works. thx for ur help every one.

Here is a picture of the board inside the VeX controller. I expect the IFI FRC controller looks pretty much the same, just more so. Are you sure you can fix something like this? If so, first you probably need to test it and see what is still functional and what is not, and then see about replacing the non-functioning parts. However, you might be better off sending the board in to IFI for repair…which probably will cost less than replacing the whole thing if your repair attempt goes wrong.

This might be something your team should discuss?

There is lot packed inside that little box and much of it is covered in conformal coatings. IFI is pretty good about repairs though. Customer support is one of the best things about IFI. I would check with them and get it sent back for repairs.

ok thank you every one i was hoping it might be something i could fix because it is a pretty expensive bored.