Wiring Digital Sidecar

Ok, so here’s the question…last year we were allowed to use 20AWG or larger to wire the digital sidecar and we used 10AWG. This year the manual (Control Manual lists this

“Nominal 12V power input via WAGO 734-132. WAGO 734-102 is the typical mating connector with wire size between 14 and 20 AWG.”

Why and does this make a difference in the operation of the digital sidecar? :confused:

10AWG is way way way way way too big. 18AWG is what we use and it works fine for that amperage. 10AWG is for 40+ amps, and should only be used for CIM motors, and possibly F-P motors if they are under heavy load. 16 AWG is adequate for 30 amp circuits, although we usually use 12AWG for all of the feeds to the Jaguars/Victors from the PD board, then 16AWG from the Jaguar/Victor to the motor. We use 16AWG for all the motor and compressor spikes, 18AWG for the pneumatics spikes, DSC, Analog, cRio, and Solenoid boards. Use 18AWG, if you don’t have any then use something bigger. Do not use 10AWG ever except for your main drive motors, use 12AWG for the other 40 amp loads. It does not really make a difference, especially if you dont use alot of servos. The DSC is only really capable of drawing a few amps, so using 10AWG wire (40+ amps for our use) will not increase capacity of the outputs.

One of the reasons that you would not want to use thicker wire is weight, it is always an issue for teams, and copper weighs a LOT!:smiley:

Only reason we used that size was because we were told that because of the 20amp breaker we would not push more than the sidecar could handle. Thanks for the advice and info!:stuck_out_tongue:

We used 20AWG wire for everything on the cRio and it worked fine.

You need to remember that circuit breakers are there to protect the wiring from burning up when something else goes wrong and tries to pull too much current. They usually have nothing to do with how much current a device normally pulls. The FRC game rules make it clear that the circuit breaker rating has everything to do with the size of the wire used.

I am guessing that last part is a typo, #10 won’t fit the connector. In reality the side car draws so little current that a #18 is almost too big but it fits the breaker sizing for a 20 amp breaker.

Please check the rules on those wire sizes. Per <R47>:
40 Amps needs 12AWG or larger (the 10 you listed is adequate)
30 Amps needs 14 AWG or larger (the 16 you listed is NOT adequate)
20 Amps needs 18 AWG or larger

From your listing, there are several illegal items: 16 gauge wire if you’re using 30A breakers, and using 16 gauge from the Jags/victors to the motors, assuming those are on 40A circuits (as they really should be) - those MUST use 12 gauge or larger.