Wiring Double Solenoids (Nitra Pneumatics)

We got this double solenoid valve from automation direct, but we can’t figure out how to attach wires to them.

Here’s a picture:

Thank you!

Sorry the image didn’t work, hopefully it works this time:

Perhaps just the model number.

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They are the NITRA Pneumatic AVS-5 Series Air Solenoid Valves. 5 port, 3 position, double acting.


loosen the screw on the connector cover, lift off the housing, see what you have. Does it look like one of these?

Each connector end (one end on a single, two on a double solenoid) should get two solenoid connects (a positive and a negative-I think they are marked 1 & 2). The connector also has a ground terminal that you can ignore-it isn’t used.

The pair of connector wires then go to one of the PCM solenoid ports.