Wiring Fans

Hello all,

We have two fans we want to hook up, with one relay.

Is it legal to have two fans powered by one relay?

if not, is there a way to make it legal with some custom circuit?

Our team has never used fans, but I have never thought about using a relay for fans, I had just assumed that the way to wire it would be using Digital/Analog setup. Would you be able to do that?

Never used Analog.

Enlighten me? (Rookie team)

According to rule [R46]:
Exception: Multiple low-load, pneumatic solenoid valves or lights may be connected to a single relay module. This
would allow one relay module to drive multiple pneumatic actions or multiple lights. No other electrical load can be
connected to a relay module used in this manner.
Fans are low-load. However, most cooling fans can be wired directly to the PD board. Just remember [R42]:
D. Only one wire shall be connected to each WAGO connector on the PD Board. If multi-point distribution of
circuit power is required (e.g. to provide power to the three KOP breakout boards via one 20-amp circuit),
then all incoming wires must be appropriately spliced into the main lead, and only one lead inserted into the
WAGO connector to connect the circuit.

Fans do not need to be wired to Spikes. You can splice the leads together and wire directly to an output on the PD. The fans will run all the time the robot is powered, but generally fans draw very little current.