Wiring for the allegro gear sensor

Recently we hooked up our gear tooth sensor and found it wasn’t working. After looking at all the documentation we realised that they draw on 12 volt. :rolleyes: After looking at the board itself it shows a small 12 over the W terminal. Before I connect anything I wan’t to confirm what pin should get 12 volts and whether both sets of pin hookups run on 12 volt or if only one.

I have the gear tooth sensors wired up according to the silkscreening on the board, and they seem to be working fine. +12 on one white wire, +5 on the other red one.

The W with the 12 over it (the white pwm wire) is connected to the Circuit Breaker with a 20amp fuse. You don’t have to connect the black wire to a negative terminal on the Circuit Breaker becuase you are already grounded through the digital output (but we connected it anyways). The red wire on the pwm cable that connects to the 12 volt is unused. We just taped it to the side of the other wires.

Also, make sure your sensor can actually see the gear. We put the gear box on backwards and it could not see anything (took us a while to figure out why it didnt work). You should be able to peep into the hole on the side of the gear box and see the sensor looking at a gear inside of it.

I hope this helps.

Please see the following documents for help,

[left][size=2]FIRST[/size]GUIDELINES, TIPS, & GOOD PRACTICES (pg. 24-26)

IFI 2006 Sensor Basic Operation

**Allegro Gear Tooth Sensor **

Good Luck!


Thanks all it works fine now. My concern was I didn’t want to run power to what is normally the signal wire. We were able to get both working and progamed in the end. :smiley: