Wiring IR board

For the IR board, would it be enough to let’s say to find out if it works by just connecting the pins 1 and 3 to positive and negative? so lets say once i plug it in and power it, can I start calibrating the remote? If it is possible than I think our IR board isn’t working the way its suppose to. When we do it the error LED lights once and stops. than when pressing the button nothing happens.

Your assumption is correct.
You just need to power the IR board for it to respond with it’s LEDs to training with a remote.

-Hold the white button down
-Add power
-Continue to hold the white button down for several seconds after the first LED lights
-Release white button
-Press one remote key of your choice and hold
-The second LED should light or the first LED should blink.

Here’s hoping it works…

okay thanks alot! but now when I assign a key to it both the cmd 0 LED is on and the error is blinking, what does that mean??

We had that problem using our RCA universal remote. It was resolved by changing the TV code on that remote. We had luck with an RCA TV code and then realized our 2nd remote was from a Sony TV. We then changed the code on the universal to a Sony code and now both remotes are working as expected. If you are using a non-universal remote perhaps it is incompatible with the board.