Wiring Non-VEX Sensors to VEX Cortex

Hi all, I have a question on using different sensors with the VEX Cortex System and programming them. I am competing in the college challenge (VEX U) and am wondering how exactly do I wire the FRC Gyro/Accelerometer to the Cortex. I suppose wiring it to an I2C somehow would do the trick.

The next question is with the NXT sensors that are used in FTC. We have free reign to take these sensors apart and use them with my team, I am also wondering how we could rewire them for the Cortex.

And then my last question is, if we’re using multiple sensors that could be wired into an I2C port or the other UART ports on the robot, how exactly would you

a. Wire them in a manner that works.
b. Program them in RobotC (Which is what we use)