Wiring of an electric solenoid

We recently bought an electric solenoid, uxcell 12VDC 4N 10mm Stroke Pull Push Solenoid Electromagnet Open Frame Type Linear Motion JF-0520B. We are not sure how it should be wired. Should it go to the vrm or the pdp? It has two green wires coming out of it and that’s it.

Any ideas?

To control it you want to wire it to either a relay (controlled by roboRIO relay output), or a motor controller (PWM or CAN).
Relays and motor controllers get wired according to the rules.

(Example $18 relay: search for AD-SSR6M12-DC-200D on https://www.automationdirect.com - KOP voucher, too)

Reading R30 makes me think you could also wire it directly to the PCM.


Agreed, the PCM can act as a relay for this purpose, too.
It’s a pretty low power device and is a spring return, so only one direction is needed (power on/off).

The PCM can source 500ma at 12v and the device takes 300ma.

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Agreeing with Mark, just clarifying what I’m certain he meant:

Thank you!

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