Wiring of Torque Motor

Does anyone have any idea how to wire the Belimo Torque motor? Can we just use the 1st 3 pins? Sorry we’re clueless, we’re just looking for somewhere to start…


The Torque Motor should have a diagram on it. If I rember correctly, it is the first two pins. We hooked one up to see just how slow it goes. Let Me Tell You: That thing is SLOW! Good Luck! 8)

Cut a PWM cable in two pieces, then use the female end to plug to the torque motor. I believe you plug it into pins 1, 2 and 3, using two of them as positive and negative. There is a drawing of the polarity right above those pins, follow it. :slight_smile:

HOOKUP: http://www.belimo.com/mft/Specifications.cfm?Spec=SpecControlVDC



A pic and the 250 price now dats outragous!!!\

Here is there homepage: http://www.belimo.com/