Wiring Pneumatics Switch

How does one wire the pneumatics switch to toggle using an electrical imput and not a manual input, like a screwdriver…

We need more information to answer your question more directly. Here goes some suggestions:

If you are talking about solenoids (You would like to move a cylinder) then you run the wires from the solenoid back to a spike and then pwm cables from the spike back to Robot Controller.

If you are talking about the pressure switch, then you run that to the Digitial I/O pins on the RC.

I would STRONGLY suggest you read the pnuematics guide that FIRST has published and is available on their website.

If your talking manually using a screwdriver you mean a solenoid, most likely the single solenoid (light plastic one). To wire the solenoid your probably got a little sheet of paper that has instruction for putting together and wiring. This all is with the black piece that sticks off the side. Inside is were you connect the wires to like 1 and 2, I think. I’m not sure which one was ground or 12v. Refer to paper if you can find it. Then follow steps alavinus said to wire to rest of system.

however if your like my team, and someone threw out your wiring instructions then http://www.festo.com/INetDomino/files_01/FestoFIRSTValveAssy.pdf has the instructions for the light plastic festo single solenoid.