Wiring / Pneumatics

Hey, did anybody get wiring and pneumatics put onto their robot. If so could you tell me how because I am having difficulties.
Thank you :slight_smile:

You’re going to need to go into some more detail here, I’m sure there are numerous people out there who would be willing to help and many of us have at least a working knowledge of the electrical and pneumatics systems but there’s no way for us to help you if that’s all the detail we have.

What specifically are you struggling with?

okay sorry about the vagueness lol. um im having problems with making wires in Inventor, for example making a wire from the control system to another electornic part like the jaguar

That is still pretty vague. But I will try to point you in the right direction as briefly as possible.

First, to use the electrical features of Inventor you will need to be running either Inventor Pro or Inventor Routed Systems. With the other versions you can see the electrical data but you cannot edit it.

Second, open the part you wish to wire to in part mode. Unless a part is authored for electrical use you cannot run wires from or to it. On the panel bar title bar there is a pull down next to where it says “Part Features”. Pull it down and select “Harness Part Features”. This gives you access to the tools you need to set a part up for electrical use. Two things need to be done to the part.

  1. Add a pin or pins with a unique number. Pins can be placed on work points or by selecting a cylindrical surface.
  2. Go to Harness Properties and add a RefDes such as U? that will be replaced later when you start wiring. Don’t worry about it if more than one part has the same RefDes.
  3. Go to connector authoring tool and author the part and save it.

Third, you can now open the assembly and select create harness from the Assembly panel. Now walk through the Show Me animation in the Help file system.

When the dialog pops up to select your wire you can either rename the wire id or use the default. Under catagory I would select generic unless you know specifically what manufacturers wire you are using and then select the gauge and color for the wire you wish to run. This will create a point to point wire run in a straight line.

The cable tool allows you to create a multi-wire cable and the segement tool lets you create a spline like object that you can route wire through using the route tools. Think heat shrink or corregated tubing for segements.

Good luck!

Someone posted a tutorial about that here. It was an excellent tutorial. I remember searching for such a tutorial and I was redirected to that tutorial. I can’t seem to find it but you can give it a try. Good Luck!