wiring questions (pwm)

we have 2 questions about the wiring for this year, both involving the pwm’s:

  1. What are the black, yellow, and red wires for, and do they allow 2 victors to run parallel?

  2. How do the black, red, and white wires fit into the new blue 884’s? They dont fit as they did in the red 884’s we used last year.

  1. The Red Black and Yellow PWM cables are for running two motors off one switch, joystick or whatever you decide to use. Say for example you have a 2 motor drivetrain and you want both of them to go forward by pushing the left joystick forward. You would connect the two male ends to the victor the two drive motors are plugged into and then the female end would go into PWM port 1 on the RC (assuming your joystick or switch is plugged into operator interface port 1)

  2. Directly from the IFI Victor Users guide

The male PWM cable connector connects to the
speed controller. The Victor housing is design to
provide a firm connection. Trim the shroud corners
slightly if necessary for insertion into the Victor.

For more info see www.ifirobotics.com

more specificially http://www.ifirobotics.com/docs/ifi-v884-users-manual-dec04.pdf

#1) Those cables are intended to be used to drive two victors or spikes with the same PWM signal.

#2) There are tiny plastic pieces blocking the insertion of the cable in this year’s Victor. You can scrape them down until the connector fits into the Victor.

thanks guys! :smiley: