Wiring Safety Question

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if this would cause an issue. The wires aren’t touching the floor and they are tied to zip ties. Can you give us any suggestions if it’s a problem? Thank you.

Based on what I can see, no issue. However, there could be things I can’t see that would cause an issue. Is that area going to interact with the balls at all? Is it going to be covered by another mechanism or bumpers to protect it from other robots? Is it high enough off the ground to make it over the border around the switch? All things to consider, they may or may not be an issue. I like protecting my wiring from stuff like that :slight_smile:

In terms of being able to play the game, it should be fine. Just make sure that they don’t get into the gearbox or hit the chains and what not.
However, I do have other worries whether the power wires would interfere with the data that is being passed through the encoder extension wires. I am not aware of how well the REV wires are insulated but the ribbon cable for Talon SRX connectors are very manipulatable when they are next to power cables that goes to a motor. We had to put them outside of the power snake last year to make sure we get the data we need. If this is not a problem it should be okay.
Although, I would test driving over the ball(and please don’t say you guys will never drive over the ball because it is bound to happen in the middle of a very exciting match). I have a feeling the zip ties and the wires might roll over the ball and either make them loose or unplug.

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I can’t say for sure without seeing how the bumpers mount on your bot but I would echo Low’s thought about balls grabbing those wires.

I would also echo Low’s thought on the long run of sensor wire next to power cables. Also is that your 6AWG battery/breaker/PDP wire in the first picture? If so that is a LONG run of cable, you may have brownout issues in the future with that and a 6 NEO drive, depending on what else you are running.

Concur that it’s legal, but has issues.

If so, you’re going to need more frame perimeter elements to comply with R26 B.