Wiring Switches to the PSoC board

Hey, does anyone know how to wire switches to the PSoC board included in the kit of parts… we want to use it for autonomous. :confused: :confused: There don’t seem to be any resources for it? Is it similar to the big blue box that there was last year?:confused:

  • Switches just need two wires: signal (white) to P4_4 & ground (black) to ground. The power wire (red) is unused.
    *]Pots use all three wires: signal, ground, & power (note: full range of pot will be read by your code as 0 to 3.3)

I don’t think your robot will listen to the board in autonomus mode unless its on the robot.

Yes the PSoC is much like the blue box from last year. You have to load a hex file onto it. The file comes in the control station update. You can plug PWM pins directly to the I.O. pins on the board or use a carrier board. andymark has one for 22.00. If you plan to hook a laptop other than the control station to the PSoC you have to use the breadboard from the kit.

It will listen to it in disabled mode, so you can read the setting and then use it in autonomous mode. It may even latch the values, so it can be read in autonomous mode (but not changed).

Be careful. I believe any board other than the KOP breadboard is prohibited by the rules (including the one offered by AndyMark), as clarified by this Q&A Thread:


My read on the rules for the I.O card R60 and R82 only require the stock binary file if the board is used for the driver station and that the bread board be used if you are connecting a 2nd laptop or such device to the driver station.

I saw on here somewhere that there was also a ruling that the carrier board could be used but I’m not shure if that was for switches or periferal connection.

True…at one point.

I believe it has been overturned by team update 4.


That is true, the words “the breadboard” in R82 have been struckout. It now reads…

<R82> Teams are permitted to connect a portable computing device (Laptop computer, PDAs, etc.) to the DRIVER STATION for the purpose of displaying feedback from the ROBOT while participating in competition MATCHES. Portable computing devices may only connect to the DRIVER STATION through one of the USB ports or through the First Touch I/O module (or a carrier board for the First Touch I/O module) – they shall not connect to the DRIVER STATION through any other port.

Since they’ve now allowed use of other boards, like the on from Cross the Road Electronics…

We’d like to use our PSOC-3 and create an LED feedback system for our Robot Driver Controls. Since we can have up to 8 eight digital output signals we thought this would be useful. (8 LED’s at 20mA = 160Ma max)

In the past, on the old IFI system we could only draw about 100mA. However, I am unable to locate any information on the PSOC-3 datasheet telling me how much I can source on those digital outputs.

I know the PSOC-3 being power by USB is only about 500mA on the USB so it is probably much less than that.

Does anyone know or can point me at how much I can draw/source?

I could find no reference in the literature either. This may be a questions for Customer Support.

I could not find printed details but in the Cypress Creator program when you set up the pins the setup options are something like 1) sink 4 ma or source 8 ma 2) High current mode 25 ma. I don’t know how many pins you coud drive simultaniously in high current mode. There is a Frist forum on the Cypress site, they could probably get you a better answer.

Team 1983

There are some details FIRST has now put together and published on the Control System page:[size=2]Cypress First Touch I/O Module - Pinout [/size]](http://usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/Game_and_Season__Info/2010_Assets/Cypress%20IO%20Pinout%20tables.pdf)

Firefox can’t find the url

I am having trouble finding info on the wiring and programming of this also. If anyone finds anything, post it please because that PDF doesn’t tell me what I need to know!