Wiring the Keyang Motors

I’m looking for some suggestions on how to wire the 2007 game Keyang motors. I know they come with a little clip-in thing, but where do I go from there?

Thanks in advance,
Paul Dennis

The connector snaps into place on the motor and brings the two motor leads out the world. Connect these to a Victor speed controller as you would any of the other motors. You can extend the leads by splicing longer wires onto the existing wires and insulate with heatshrink or tape, or use insulated splices. The Tips and Guidelines has some discussion on wiring that might be helpful.

Our Keyangs do not have wires, just the terminal nubs. The adapter has no wires, only a housing for them. How can we attach the wires without solder, as that risks shortage?


Your kit should have had the terminals for insertion into the Keyang block. In the KOP Checklist rev B they are shown the photo on page 11. They are four terminals on a breakoff strip. Just break the terminal off and terminate as you would the other crimps. Then insert into the block and voila! Soldering works nice to but you have to bend down the tabs before you insert to have the needed clearance in the block.