wiring the optical sensor

My team is having problems wiring the line sensors, mainly we don’t know how, could some one please tell us or direct us somewhere to learn how.

The Brown Wire needs 12V+
The Blue Wire needs 0V (v-)
That powers the sensor

The black and white wires are the outputs.
Think of the sensor that as having a little “single pole double throw” relay inside (SPDT)
The Bk and Wh wires provide a path inside the sensor to the V- wire. Those wires (one or both) get connected to an input(s) on the controller. For simplicity sake, I reccommend you pick the one that makes the most sense to the logic you write for the controller (read on)

I forget which is which, but one wire is “on” when the sensor sees it’s own light (aka Light Operate). The other is “on” when the sensor does NOT see its own light (aka Dark Operate)

The little diagram on the side of the sensor represents this graphically. The little box represents a “load” (in our case, the controller). On the other side of the load from the sensor is the other end of the circuit (in our case V+, since the sensor is providing the connection to V-)

(not to get too complicated here, but this sensor has an NPN transistor inside - it is also known as a “sinking” ouput - the other type of output you can get from sensors is PNP, or Sourcing. PNP provides a connection to the V+ wire on the outputs. The sensor you use depends upon your controller. Our controller wants a sinking output from the sensor. Most controllers in the industrial want a sensor that “sources”.)

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