We have a rotating shooter that we would like to rotate freely but wiring the power wires for the motor are going to be a huge problem. Any suggestions?

Post a picture or two of the thing, then we can see what you are up against. Otherwise, we can only imagine :slight_smile:

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Also include how far you want to rotate. There’s quite a few ways to route the wires, depending on how far the rotation is. 360* or more is where things get more difficult…

Spiral wrap and limit switches to restrict rotation to <360° is often a good starting point.


Our idea is that we want to rotate freely, preferably past 360

For that, you’ll need slip rings. Without mercury. Probably something marketed for a light duty wind mill should carry the current you need.

The 4-wire version will let you add a sensor (or two if you use CANifier or similar on a stub) at 30A.

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