does any body have any pics on how they wired their motors to the speed controllers. Our chassis is using the kit bot and supplied gearbox 4 motors and 4 wheel drive. does anyone have any other diagrams except for the power distribution diagram?

IFI Installation Guide for Victor 884 (PDF file)

Users guide PDF

I think you misunderstood his question. He meant to ask about wiring a four-wheel drive robot. The manual doesn’t explain how to wire the four victors with the motors for a four-wheel drive configuration.

The wiring of the other speed controllers to the motors will be exactly similar to the one CIM shown connected on the electrical layout diagram. All you have to do is to connect 3 more 40 Amps (to the top circuit breaker panel area, the one that has large spaced slots) and connect them to 3 more speed controllers. All the ground wires for the speed controllers obviously come from the ground pin area of the circuit breaker. You then just connect the speed controllers to a separate CIM motor (therefore 4 CIM with 4 Speed Controllers)

Hope this helps

if you search for it im sure youll find one, i even found one!!!