Wisconsin needs a Championship win - others in the same boat?

Teams from the State of Wisconsin have been sooooo close to winning the Championship recently, but so far have come back with just silver medals. In 2015 and 2019, Wisconsin teams were the first pick of the finalist alliance on Einstein. In both cases, their alliance looked like the stronger one going into finals.

In 2015, we saw 2826’s alliance put up the highest scores in Einstein QFs and SFs, and in division playoffs they put up the highest official score in the world. They had problems in both finals matches and despite great effort from 987, they succumbed to the amazing consistency of the Newton alliance.

In 2019, we saw 930’s alliance go undefeated in the round robin part of Detroit Einstein, only to be outlasted by the Darwin alliance in a crazy defensive game. They were one point from winning, and if their climb had worked in that match like it had in so many others, they would have gone home with the gold.

To my knowledge, there have been no teams from Wisconsin to have won the Championship. I think that with all the power of teams like 2826, 930, 1732, 2062, and many others, the state is due for one. My question is: What are the other states / regions that are in the same boat?

Perhaps Minnesota. They’ve had an explosion of teams recently, and at least one division has had a Minnesotan number one seed in both 2018 and 2019. The next step will be for their top teams to make Einstein regularly.


South Carolina has had teams since 1999.

The Einstein appearances:

343, 2003, finalist.
1319, 2007, semi-finalist.

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They succumbed to the faster can grabbers of the Newton alliance. Those finals matches were over in the first 100 milliseconds.


Minnesota has had no Einstein winners either. We’ve only ever had 3 teams on Einstein period before this year, where we got 2 teams in 4607 and 2052!

I appreciate this thread since I really hope this changes. It’s about time, even though it’s not currently 9:30.


That’s not true. They got 1 out of 4 cans in Finals 1 and 2 out of 4 cans in Finals 2. They had already beaten the Newton alliance in Semis when they took 1 out of 4 cans.

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Watching the match video from Semis 2, Newton lost that match because 118 had a can stuck on their grabber the entire match, greatly decreasing their maneuverability. They effectively lost their can advantage with that.


I do agree that Semis 2 was an underperformance from Newton compared to their ceiling. However, what 2826’s alliance was able to do in the match with only 4 cans (1 from the step) was impressive. They scored 256 points, which the Newton alliance was able to surpass only once in the entire tournament (266 points in Einstein QF 5), even with their normal can advantage.

The big advantage Hopper had was that 2826 was running the 28 point auto, whereas Newton wasn’t getting auto bonuses at all IIRC.

This might be different because it’s a small state, but until this year Maine has only had one team play on Einstein.

2017 - 5687 - 1st Pick - 4th Place Round Robin
2019 - 133 - 1st Pick - 6th Place Round Robin

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Oregon! The only 2 PNW champions have been from Washington. I know 2990 and 4488 have been to Einstein, any others?

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It was in reach. So damn close for Minnesota this year.

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New York!

Alaska and Hawaii definitely need some wins, I believe Alaska has less than 10 teams… So… Yeah. Alaska needs a win or two.

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New Hampshire is still lacking a title. 1519 was very close in 2013 as part of the Finalist alliance with 33 & 469.

MN always gets close. Its like these springs that just never quite arrive…

If we want to split hairs, San Diego getting to Einstein round robin. The closest they got was 1538 winning Chairman’s. In the last two years, we’ve seen 2485 and 3128 lose in division finals off the top of my head.


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568 is the only alaskan team.

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Didn’t 1538 also lose in 2013 finals of their division?

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Yes they did

2194 never had a chance in 2012 with 118 not moving on Einstein.

I also would’ve really liked 2826’s chances to win it all had they been able to pull out 1 more win against the “Eh-Team” in division finals