Wisconsin Recap

This year the Wisconsin regional was full of awesome robots, and some crazy matches. What did you see that stuck out to you? What did you see that you never expected?

There was no official thread started for the Wisconsin Regional, so I will just post my congratulations and thanks here.

First off, to all of the alliances we faced in the eliminations: you were all formidable opponents. It really took the best of us to be able to beat you. To 2826, 2481 and 269, you were the toughest of them and I knew it was going to be a good fight. 2826, I am glad you qualified for champs already with a Chairman’s win. 2481, best of luck to you at Crossroads – you truly deserve to go to the Championship, your 30 point climber will stand out of all of the ones there! 269, great defense throughout finals, you were key in pushing it to a third match (quite literally).

To our own alliance of 111 and 2338, I almost cannot believe we did it. It would have been impossible without you. 111, since our rookie year it always seems like we have been against you in the eliminations so it was absolutely incredible to be able to pick you for our alliance. Thank you for the “Accurate Autonomous” award, your own autonomous was a huge reason why we picked you. 2338, during the matches I was not able to watch you guys as I was focused on our own robot but I was able to go back and watch the match videos our team took. You guys played some incredible defense and did an excellent job in slowing down some of the top scorers and climbers at the regional.

Now aside from the robots, a huge congratulations to 1306 on the Chairman’s win. You guys have a great program and a very impressive team.

Overall a wonderful regional with numerous great teams, I look forward to seeing many of you in St. Louis!

Are there archive videos of eliminations up anywhere? Those were some of the most intense Finals rounds I have ever seen first hand! Congratulations to the winners and great job to the finalists, Crossroads and Championships better watch out!

Thank you very much! Congrats on your win as well. We look forward to seeing you again at Championship.

The alliance selection was pretty interesting

Final-1 is here. As you said they were incredibly intense. It was very exciting to see Wildstang rebuilt some parts of their bot on Thursday and then go on to win with 1732. 111, 1732, and 2826 were ridiculously effective and one can only imagine how the finals would have panned out if 2481 hadn’t tipped in F-3.

Wildstang will be very interesting to watch at Midwest as we have only seen one regional’s worth of their auto and teleop abilities.

It was definitely quite a competitive regional, though that fact might be overshadowed by some of the absolutely incredible regionals that took place this weekend (mainly Waterloo).

Wildstang will be very interesting to watch at Midwest as we have only seen one regional’s worth of their auto and teleop abilities.

^^^ There is no doubt that they will just continue to improve at Midwest. Even though they were incredibly impressive to start out with, throughout Wisconsin they continued to get better as the matches went on. There were certainly still some issues at the end, but with another regional to get more practice/changes in, I definitely see them evolving into the notorious force they have become known for. Their seasoned experience certainly showed through this weekend and it will continue in the future.

I also see 2826 improving a lot at Championships. They have a lot of the tools in place, and just need a little bit more time to get everything perfected (example, their 5 disk autonomous was almost there by the end of the regional, but they seemed like they just needed a little bit of time which could be found at the beginning of championships). Their robot is incredibly well done, and it is no doubt they will be a strong force in their division.

2481 will certainly be an awesome force at Crossroads. First of all, besides picking up from the ground, their robot has the capability to literally do everything (except possibly full court shooting? But I could be mistaken, maybe it just was not shown at Wisconsin). Not only is their robot amazing, but their drive team and even feeder had everything down to a science. With more time on the field, their consistency will improve and they will become an even more attractive team.

I did find the alliance selection quite interesting this year as compared to years past. The elim alliances also seemed to be more balanced than usual. Unlike the usual one or maybe two power house alliances that just obliterate the lower ranks, the elims appeared highly competitive throughout.

On a personal note, it was one of the best regionals 930 has had in probably six years so we were ecstatic. Team 930 cannot wait to compete at Crossroads!!

Saturday videos are slowly going up as fast as I parse them. I don’t have friday unfortunately.

Can be found here.

I’de like to thank 111 and 1732 for picking us. I’m glad we were able to adjust our robot to benefit the alliance in some of the most balanced and competitive eliminations I have ever seen.

Watch out Midwest, Wildstang is a force to be reckoned with, and when they perfect their auton in the coming weeks, will be unstoppable.


Awesome, thank you!

Unfortunately the feed doesn’t show the F-3 tip of 2481 too well, was hoping to better see how that developed.

Edit: Video removed at the request of our parent who filmed it. The footage simply showed a head-to-head pushing match of 1732 and 2481, resulting in 2481 being unintentionally tipped.

Thanks, yes. Was hard to see live if it was the result of a double team with 2338. As you say, it’s pretty clearly just an unfortunate result of a pushing match.

One archive of all the matches is here:

It happens just after 3:20:25 for those of you looking for the exact moment.

Here is another video. Move to 1:30 to see start of the match.

Congrats to everyone this weekend! A lot of great teams, a great winning alliance, deserving teams of other awards and a lot of competition. Team 2194, Fondy Fire, looks forward to playing with some of you at Midwest and the Championships!!! Great work everyone, you should all be proud of what you have accomplished this year. I love seeing teams that continue to improve year after year and I love seeing how you all addressed this year’s game. So many different robot designs this year, unlike some past years where there were only a few good options for approaching the task. One of my favorite robots that climbed was Cybertooth from Kokomo, IN. A purple robot and an interesting approach to climbing, definitely an amazing thing to watch, even if the rankings didn’t give them the best outcome for the weekend.

:slight_smile: So many great teams with so many great robots.

:slight_smile: I was really impressed by how many of the Milwaukee metro teams represented this year: Charger, BEARS, Paradigm, Cyberhawks, Cooney, Laser, B’East, MORE and of course Hilltoppers. You guys rocked it.

:slight_smile: Great to see some rookie teams debut. STEMpunks were awesome and FEAR has lots of potential.

:slight_smile: Super cool to have Bomb Squad make the trip.

This is my first year as a mentor. I was selected by the other mentors of our team to be the lead mentor for FIRST Team 3692 Rock ‘N’ Robots. We are from Janesville, Wisconsin in Rock County. This is our third year, and the team performed to its fullest. The mentors on our team let the students do the planning, design and implementation. We were there for answering questions or questioning them. We also made sure the students performed the work safely. We were anxious to go to the Wisconsin regional competition.
Thursday and Friday the students practiced and fine tuned the robot. It was exhilarating to watch them. One of their main objectives was to perfect the autonomous shooting. The shooter was the best in their eyes. Competition proved this out.
Our drivers were very cognizant of their performance on the course. They maintained their poise and drove the robot respectively. The team was rather distraught when the robot was hit by another going full speed with full intent on knocking Rock ‘N’ Robots 3692 out of the game. The impact dislodged four of the spring clips that secured the bumper. These clips are used on agricultural equipment. Also a wheel was broken. This was a blatant hit to take the robot out. The strategy did not work because the students were determined to come back. They did.
FIRST Team 3692 Rock ‘N’ Robots did not give up. We came back and finished in first place out of fifty seven teams. We were first seed. Not bad for a young team and simple robot.
Our autonomous shooting was very accurate and repeatable. Our shooter performed very well. This became apparent to the competing teams and here in my view the gracious professionalism ceased to exist. The theme to me appeared to be to do anything to survive.
Saturday became a totally different atmosphere. It was do at all costs or die. I may be wrong but it appeared by all the postings in the pit that the older teams dominate. They know the politics.:rolleyes:

Thanks for all the kind words for WildStang in the previous posts but I need to remind everyone we had great partners and superior teams to play with and against. We could not have done it without all the work from 1732 and 2338, we were simply a great team and worked very well together. Thanks to some of the other teams for knocking out some of the tougher teams we would have faced in the later matches. Congratulations to all the teams that received awards this weekend, especially Chairman’s, and the rookie awards. I hope you enjoyed your first FRC weekend.