Wisconsin Regional Final 2007 Video

This was posted in the Wisconsin Regional Thread, but I thought this final deserved its own.

Team 2077 has the video of the final two matches for 2196 - Fondy Fire, 537 - charger robotics, and team 2169 to win it. Unbelievable score of 60 - 61. Must be seen to be believed. Here’s the video:

Part 1
Part 2

…sorry for the poor quality, youtube down converts the video to .flv format

Wow being on the field and having it happen is amazing, but watching it really makes it real, thanks for the awesome video!

That was definitely a great final! Congrats to 2194, 2069 and 537.

The turreted arm was very effective. The driver only had to go back and forth between the HP loading station and the rack - the arm did all the rest:)

thanks guys for the compliments. that regional was a heartstopper. team 537 and 2194 u guys rock. we loved all the help u guys gave us. BTW that arm operator on 537 rocks. that was a good time and we cant wait to see both of u guys at nationals.:slight_smile:


god from the field it didnt seem that close but it was, wow that was amazing and id just like to thank 537-charger robotics and 2194-fondy fire one more time for making it all possible. You guys made it obvious who we should choose, both of your teams are amazing, and so are your robots. I hope to see you all in atlanta

All elimination matches from the official feed are now posted at http://soap.circuitrunners.com/2007/movies/wi/

The remainder of awards and qualifying matches will slowly trickle in as I have time…hopefully sooner than later though!

HOLY CRAP!!! That was a freaking miracle for the second match.

That was an epic match to say the least… I had a great time at the regional. This was my first time on the driving… Did ok, we had a bunch of issues with our bot… Anyways, Congrats to 2194, 2069 and 537!!