Wisconsin Regional - Milwaukee 2006

Does anyone have information on the new Milwaukee Regional in 2006?

From http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2006/rgevents.htm, the regional will be the 23-25 of March. They have yet to post any more new info, but if you keep checking that website, that’s where it will be.

The inagural Wisconsin Regional will indeed be held on March 23-25, 2006 in Milwaukee at the US Cellular Arena. Look for a website from the regional planning committee soon for more information.

Thank you for the information and for everyone that replied to my question. We are very interested in attending the Milwaukee Regional as it is much closer to our location and we have found the Midwest Regional to be very positive. If the Milwaukee Regional can accommodate us we would be very interested in attending it this next season.

Team 1163


Any particular reason there are only going to be 25 slots open initially? I would think there are many more teams that will be interested in attending this regional (Team 857 included) than that. Is there the expectation that a large number of rookie teams will be popping up this season in the Milwaukee Metro or Wisconsin Areas?


Several spots are being held for rookie and NASA grant teams, the Wisconsin Regional is a NASA Regional.

NO i dont, but i was also wondering if people had information on the new Boston regional??? but if i find anything out on Milwaukee i will be sure to post! :smiley:

As a first year regional, we want to keep the number small and manageable so we can figure out what to do! So if you do come to the event (we hope you do!) and you like it, tell your friends! The venue can accomodate a much larger number of teams, so in the coming years, this regional will surely grow.

This article was posted today…its great to see Milwaukee getting into the FIRST spirit so quickly =) http://www.jsonline.com/bym/news/sep05/357562.asp



Just a heads up to all those still thinking about the Wisconsin Regional for their 2nd regional registration choice. 10 rookie and 10 veteran NASA grants are avaliable to teams to pay for their registration costs to the WI Regional.

More info on the NASA grants is avaliable here:


WHat team is the one withthe funky looking water slide on it (Kinda of like the Sparx robot but not a s tight a sprial)?

There are actually a few of them. The one that sticks out most prominantly in my mind is team 1732. They have a wonderful and very functional machine.

There are quite a few good rookie teams here and of course the ‘usual suspects’ of the veterans. It’s going to be a great competition tomorrow!

So what’s happening in Wisconsin so far?? How’s things lookin’? The FIRST site doesn’t have any of this week’s regional match result/standings/awards links up yet. Don’t know why, those links should all be setup and ready to go… and after 3 weeks, the automatic updates should work by now… sigh.

Tyler Olds is doing a pretty rocking job at announcing :] It’s so cool that Paul & Dan are giving him some time on the mic!

It seems like the competition is going how last week did, some great offensive bots but a whole lot of defense as well.

Massive woot!

It looks like there will be some excellant competition tomorrow and very interesting to see how the final matches go. I don’t think any teams have gone undefeated, I do know that WILDSTANG was held to just 25 points one round and there are a good selection of shooters.

Does nayone have some pictures of 494 / 70? I can’t find anything here or on the martian’s website, but I keep hearing about their shooting capability. Thanks.


I couldn’t watch the webcast, but a glance at the standings shows that it’s been an interesting day. I notice a rookie in 1st, several usually strong teams in the top eight, and 1504 in ninth. Good job Beth! (Although we’d rather see you next weekend at WMR :frowning: ) Also, it looks like the rookies are making a good showing, scattered across the rankings. I’d like to see Houghton (857) higher, but they are in kind of a rebuilding year. Hope tomorrow goes well for all the teams.

Well, you’ll see me Saturday at WMR, just not my team. Thanks for the thoughts, we’re pretty psyched!

Saturday Morning Cartoon Ranks

  1. 1714 8-1-0
  2. 111 7-1-1
  3. 70 7-2-0
  4. 1625 7-2-0
  5. 93 7-2-0
  6. 494 6-3-0
  7. 269 6-3-0
  8. 537 6-3-0
  9. 1504 6-3-0
  10. 1091 6-3-0
  11. 1739 5-3-1
  12. 706 5-4-0
  13. 525 5-4-0
  14. 1864 5-4-0
  15. 1732 4-4-1
  16. 1268 4-4-1
  17. 1716 4-4-1
  18. 81 4-5-0
  19. 1652 4-5-0
  20. 1816 4-5-0
  21. 1781 4-5-0
  22. 1753 4-5-0
  23. 1108 4-5-0
  24. 1103 3-5-1
  25. 1259 3-6-0
  26. 1675 3-6-0
  27. 167 3-6-0
  28. 1306 3-6-0
  29. 930 3-6-0
  30. 754 3-6-0
  31. 1710 3-6-0
  32. 857 2-7-0
  33. 862 2-7-0
  34. 1163 0-9-0