Wisconson regional zoo

If any one at the wisconson regional recorded the band and has some of the songs, it would be appreciated if we could get a copy. we missed a lot of them. and i was wanting them because a few friends on the team also wanted them

I heard a rumor that the band was recording directly out of the sound board is working on compiling a CD of the performance.

Other than that, I’m not sure if anyone else has a bootleg.

shakes head in shame
I surely hope not

DSK doesn’t have a policy about recording their shows as long as money isn’t being made off of the recording. If you do have a good recording, video, or pictures, send them to the band and they might make it onto their website.

Therein lies the differance between a bootleg and a copy. Thanks for making this clear.

Hint hint i dont want bootleged copies hint hint
i dont want to get in trouble with the law enforcements