"wish list"

We are trying something new, revising our “wish list”, making our sponsorship letter shorter but attaching a detailed list of needs and wants. I’m working a draft.
Besides Team 294 (thanks Cheryl) does anyone have a wish list that they have developed over the years? I couldn’t find any others in the forum.

What resources do youo currently have, ie machine shop, space, etc. ?

We have a corner of a basic Tech Ed. classroom. We have some outside machining help. We have one computer.

I’m going to ask next time my team has a meeting. I know this past season we had a letter asking for two laptops and a digital camera. We were able to secure a grant from the local bank and purchase two new Compaq laptops and a camera. I do know that in the past we would sometimes write letters to certain companys asking if they were looking to get rid of/donate certain equipment we were looking for. If we were looking for machining equipment we would write letters to local machine shops. As one example we were looking for a third Bridgeport miller and the company I work for had upgraded by purchasing a new ProtoTrak miller and put the old Bridgeport aside in storage. I let the team know and they called and also wrote a letter to the company asking if they were willing to donate the machine for a tax write off since the company had no use for it any more. The machine was placed in the school’s machine shop to the delight of the teacher. It was a win, win, win situation. The best thing to do is write letters and also let everyone involved with the team know, you never know who has connections. :wink:

Jenny, if I do get a copy of the letter/wish list of donations I’ll send it to you. I’ll also thank you again for the other letter. :slight_smile: