With "build season" being over, how is your team doing?

With week 1 of competitions here, how is your team doing?
Are you ready for your competitions?
What has went well and what has not?

Of course teams will be at all stages of completion without any bag and tag. Just curious to see where everyone is at!

Um, not done building?


I think the interesting thing about post-bag-era is that you’re going to get VERY different answers depending on when a responder is competing.

1923/1914 are Week 1, and we’re mechanically + electrically complete, still tuning autonomous (but we have our bare minimum requirements), and are spending this week on drivers’ practice, plus training our pit crew in the shop on quick-repairs as they assemble our spare parts kits.

The to-do list on the board is feeling comfortably short, and we’re very excited to be back on the field - but just like the halfway mark thread, I think it’s important to remember that another team’s progress is a totally different journey and it’s okay if you’re not there yet - especially if you’re competing later into the season.


Ditto. We’re competing week 2 and no, we’re not done yet, but there’s a great chance we will be.


Competing week one and we have a functional cargo system and traversal climb.
This week we’re hoping to turn our simple auto into a more complicated auto as well as get some more practice in.

If we had to compete tomorrow, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.


Drivers practice and fine tuning :slight_smile: The robot handles well, picks up balls, shoots accurately, and has a lightning fast mid-rung climb (as in floor to full height in about 1 second, and we’re balanced enough to only need a couple inches of that).

Putting on the sponsor panels tomorrow!

Build season over, not here. Lots to do with no time left and competing week 1 and 2.

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Competing Weeks 4 and 6, so we still have about half a “build season” to go:

  • Drivetrain’s been driving for a while now, well-tuned & we’re happy with it
  • Intake and shooter are on the robot - waiting on a couple COTS parts before we can power on and test, but we’ve already found and fixed a handful of problems
  • Indexing is still being honed in - not too worried about it, we just need to fix the geometry in a couple dead spots
  • Climber assembly started yesterday, will hopefully finish machining this week & get the rest of the COTS parts by the end of the week
  • Electrical team designed some custom circuit boards this year which came in late last week; they’re assembling them now and we’re very excited to get them in the mix
  • Bumper construction started this weekend. Wood pieces are cut, not sure if we have all the brackets and pool noodles and stuff yet. Hopefully we’ll have the first set done towards the end of this week
  • Programming team is very restless, they’ve done some auton path tuning, and have written a lot of code they haven’t been able to test on a robot yet
  • Chairman’s team submitted the essay on time, and started filming our video this weekend

We have a week 1 and have a VERY busy week ahead of us.

We will have…something…by then.


Build season… ends?


Not as far as I can tell.

7525 got our wheels moving for the first time yesterday. Waiting on a few more COTS components for this thing to be done. Then comes pneumatic rigging, programming, auto paths, and driver practice. A lot to get done between now and March 9th.

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We’ve gotten our robot to the high rung and have pick up balls and dumped them into the low goal. This week we are replacing all the MDF with polycarbonate and then completing our climbing process to go to the traverse. Still need to add an autonomous routine before our week 2 event.

We’re competing week 5 and we are not comfortably close to being done yet. we tried to rig of the robot to drive on saturday after we installed the electronics panel, but unfortuatnly we ran into a BUNCH of problems. We probably won’t be ready for driver practice until next week. :frowning: Also, I think our robot might be drastically overweight.

Build season ends with the confetti coming down at championship.


we have a week and a day to play with the robot before we leave for our only competition. Saturday it was picking up Cargo off the floor and scoring in the low Hub, in a very rookie driver kind of way. It also sprouted a hook and stuff, which needs to be modified and programmed to work to get on the two lowest rungs.

Our field trip is mostly arranged, students mostly have permission to go, and it’s possible we’ll get some driver practice in, once we figure out who the driver(s) is/are. So yeah, it’s going fine, and only a week later than I had hoped.

Didn’t know IRI used confetti.

It’s just shredded corn

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That’s basically the same as our team!
Working low shooter, with some problems. and intake obviously.
30 second traversal

only move auto right now but prog just got one done that is gonna be tested today. 4 ball auto attempt.

Week 1 competition.

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