With season over I suggest a Robot Reveal Video Competition

I’m pretty sure there are tons of amazing robots out there that did not compete. It would be awesome if all the teams could show off their robots in a video. Post them here!!


Reveals from Brazil


Check out my thread:

Great Idea, here is team 4311’s robot, “The Chanimal”

How about a robot competition via video.

Record your robot doing auton, as usual, score let’s say, 10 balls, spin the wheel, score 15 more balls, do the wheel, then hang level. Whoever does it the fastest gets bragging rights.

Seriously could be fun/interesting.


The Spitfire

The day before we learned that our events were postponed for the rest of the season, we went to practice at a 7039’s practice field. Here’s a practice match one of the students recorded, where we put up 25 balls, spun the control panel, and hung. We were planning on making further improvements to the robot that would make it even more efficient; we’ll see now whether we decide to continue improving it or pivot to a new offseason project. The whole team is disappointed that we won’t be able to continue competing this season because we’re all proud of our robot this year, but the health and safety of the community obviously comes first.