Withholding Allowance

Ok, I have searched through the rules and I can not find what the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE is. Will, I know “what” it is, what I do not know it how much the weight is for it this year, or if it is repeating. Can someone please show me the rule?

Note: Yes I searched first, and yes I read the rules. But I am human, I make mistakes.

WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE – A limited amount of FABRICATED ITEMS that are withheld from the ROBOT shipping requirements (specified in Section 4) and retained by the team following the shipping deadlines. These items are then hand-carried to a competition event by the team. The OPERATOR CONSOLE is automatically included in the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE. Beyond that, the incoming material maximums specified in Rule <R38> limits the amount of FABRICATED ITEMS included in the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE.

<R38> Teams may bring a maximum of 40 pounds of custom FABRICATED ITEMS (SPARE PARTS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, and UPGRADE PARTS, plus all WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE items) to each competition event to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT at the competition site. All other FABRICATED ITEMS to be used on the ROBOT during the competition shall arrive at the competition venue packed in the shipping crate or lockout bag with the ROBOT.
A. Exception: the OPERATOR CONSOLE is not included in the incoming parts weight restriction.

PDF search is amazing!

if you go on the first website and read bill’s blog, he mentions that they have added weight to the withholding allowance to 65lbs

Oh and expect Update 11 to change <R38>

To add late breaking changes to Witholding Allowance:


So a Team Update is pending on the Witholding Allowance change.

Bill recently posted this:

After discussions with the Game Design Committee I decided that, although Robot Ship Day must remain February 23rd, this year, all FRC teams will be allowed to hold back 65 pounds of their robot’s weight on Robot Ship Day. (That’s roughly half of the total weight of an FRC robot.) Teams may continue to work on the items they hold back and then hand deliver the items to their event. Watch for a team update coming soon.

So there should be an update to the rules soon.

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Thank you very much! :smiley: I was about to start pulling my hair out. Strange… I must have skipped <R38>… Well, as I said, I make mistakes… Thanks again! :smiley:

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A related question:
Are the cRIO and wireless router included in the withholding allowance? It seems logical that they would be, but it’s better to know for sure…

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