Witty ideas

Hey FIRST community,

MY school is having its homecoming soon and the theme is “Hollywood”. Now i don’t just want to wear a suit but something completely different. Do you guys have any idea for something to wear thats some how related to Hollywood but isn’t plain and ordinary?


How about cutting stars out of cardboard and decorating them like the stars on the Walk of Fame? You could then pin these to yourself or share with others

Be a spy :slight_smile: Then we can match.

Money. Just wear money.

Dress as a plastic surgeon.

I cant top Plastic Surgeon…
…be a stunt double for a friend.

Paparazzi. They are as thick as locust in Hollywood. Hmmm. Come to think of it there are many more similarities between the two.

This has high potential. If you can find someone with a suitably-sized (D)SLR and flash you can borrow, you ought to be able to annoy the heck out of just about anybody. Just add a loud shirt and a big (but not -too- big) camera bag to complete the look.