WIWI 2023 is open for registration Wolcott Connecticut

Hello Everyone,

Team MAX will be hosting WIWI 2023 on June 10th. It will be at:
Wolcott High School
457 Boundline Rd
Wolcott CT




26 teams


Here at WIWI, we run the event with one thought in mind. We want to try and give individuals an experience that they didn’t get at district events. We know many teams come to WIWI with new drive team members and students in new roles. Because of this we follow the standard game rules. With all of this in mind here are a few things only at WIWI.

● Mentor Only Robot
● Guest Game Announcer/Emcee
● Pre Rookie teams

The Tormentors - 666 - Mentor only robot

The mentor robot is listed as 666 on the schedule and is a robot that all mentors can sign up to use at the matches it is scheduled for. As a mentor, you can sign up for a match with your actual FRC team, or even better, you can sign up for a match against your team. Basically as a mentor, you can be on the drive team for a match.

Want to donate a robot as the Tormentor robot? If your team has a back up robot that would be perfect as the tormentor robot let me know. The team that provides the tormentor bot gets free admission into the event. The first team that commits to bringing a robot is the team we will pick.

Guest Game Announcer/Guest Emcee

Think you have what it takes to be the emcee or game announcer? All you have to do is sign up and you can work alongside our experienced volunteers to be the emcee or game announcer for a match (or two). There will be sign ups for every 4th match.

Slime a Mentor!

At the last WIWI (it seems so long ago) we had a lot of fun letting all of you pick which MAX 1071 mentor gets slimed. It was so much fun we decided to do it again, but, this time we want to slime one of YOUR mentors!

Here is how it will work.
● Teams, attending WIWI, can nominate one mentor. That mentor does have to give their consent.
● Starting mid May everyone can vote for what mentor is going to get slimed by buying votes online.
● At WIWI we will slime the top vote getter during lunch time.
● The team that nominated that mentor will get 60% of the proceeds generated from the sale of all of the votes.
● Team MAX will supply the slime

Pre Rookie Teams

Many years WIWI provides a meaningful experience for schools that are not part of the FRC family. This is done through your help. If we have a per rookie team (or two) we will be looking for teams that can provide a robot to drive along with some student/mentor help. In years past this was by:
● Volunteering a back up robot and providing some students to show how to run it
● Volunteering your actual robot in a situation where your team cannot attend the event


As always breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase from our great partners GUS Robotics 228.

Want to join us? email us at [email protected] for more information


5 spots left!

We no longer need a tormentor robot. The tormentor robot is being built through a collaboration between the mentors on the Gaelhawks and Apple Pi


I remember when I was student, you guys had 666 merch and I was so excited for the day I could get my hands on it. Now I’m old and curious if 666 will be doing shirts again…

Thanks for running WIWI, it’s always a blast!

We will definitely have Tormentor shirts for sale. If you cannot make it let me know maybe we can make arraignments to get one to you.

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Now, where did we put that flag…


WIWI volunteer registration is now open!

Please fill out the following form to register as a volunteer. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Kyle Herren at [email protected] with any questions/concerns.

Fill out to volunteer!

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The robot is coming along. Thanks Oz-Ram for the inspiration


Slime an Mentor. The voting is open at:

cast your vote today!

The TorMentor robot might have some autonomous modes as well. Wait and watch!!

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