WMRI 2013

It is once again time to start thinking about the WMRI (West Michigan Robotics Invitational)

The event this year will again be held at Zeeland West High School this year it will be on October 26.

This year all teams that attend will receive a door prize. T

This one day event is a great way to introduce new students to an FRC competition, as well as one more chance to play with your 2013 robot.

We encourage teams from all over Michigan as well as other states to come to this event.

We are also have the need for volunteers.

Registration and other information can be found at this link. http://www.wmri.info/

Just a reminder that the deadline of August 31 is quickly approaching for the discount on this year’s registration fee for the 2013 WMRI Invitational on October 26th at Zeeland West high School.

If you have already registered thank you! If not we would encourage you to register your team soon, currently there are 6 spots available.

We are looking forward to a great day of fun on the competition field playing last years 2013 FIRST Game “Ultimate Ascent”. Remember this is a great opportunity to expose new team members, mentors and potential sponsors to the phenomenal program of FIRST.

The registration fee is $250.00, but there is an early bird discount of $50.00 if you register by August 31st at www.wmri.info

There will be some great door prizes for teams competing, and this year we are excited to share that each team will receive a gift for participating!

More details will be forth coming…we are hoping to have a few static displays that promise to be fun and of interest.

Don’t delay register today!

WMRI Planning Team

Team WOBOT 141 will also be there, and is always a fun event to attend. I recommend it to any teams that are new to FIRST or want to get their new team members some experience on the Drive team. It would be cool to have more East Side teams also participate,anyway, I hope we can fill in those last 6 slots, so come to WMRI you wont regret it!:slight_smile:

Are there any spots left open still? Team 3572 is ready for action in October, and we might be able to convince another local team from Muskegon to make the trip.

Unless http://www.wmri.info/what-teams-are-coming is not up to date it looks like there are still some spots.

That’s what I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure how often it got updated. It was around two weeks for our name to show up so I didn’t know if it was updated in groups or what the case may have been.

At this point all the slots are taken. However we are open to and discussing adding additional slots for this event.