WMRI 2016

We wanted to let everyone know that WMRI will be on October 29th this year so you can get it on your calendar. You can register on the website at http://www.wmri.info/

More details and updates to the website coming soon.


Greetings on behalf of the WMRI planning team…we hope all of you are enjoying a fabulous summer that is having its share of fun and relaxation.
plans are underway to host the 2016 West Michigan Robotics Invitational, and we wanted to share the following important information:

West Michigan Robotics Invitational
October 29, 2016
Zeeland West High School

Join us as we for a great day of competition as we gather together to play the game FIRST Stronghold one last time.

A delicious lunch will be provided at a moderate cost on site. There will be an updated price list provided on the web site by September 1.

Please visit the website for the WMRI (www.wmri.info) and register today! There is a $ 50.00 discount for registering before September 1.

Please note when you register there will not be an automatic response verifying registration of your team. Rest assured… if you filled out the the google sheet your team will be registered. You should receive an email with a billing invoice by the end of August. You can either mail your payment during the months of September or October (address is on the web site) or bring the payment with you to the event.
Thank you on behalf of the WMRI planning team

MARS Rovers are excited to be attending this year.

The Average Joes will be there.

WMRI is a great event, with many strong teams and an outstanding volunteer corps. I hope the Stronghold field elements will hold up – they’ve taken quite a beating already. :ahh:

I hope at wmri they will have a scorekeeper this year with all the technical issues this year with robot communication issues and other robot related issues I think it would be best to have the ftas focus on robot com issues and field related issues and plus I have taken scorekeepers training so I know how to use fms and plus I plan on uploading data to the tba for the 3rd year in a row

Will there be WMRI history patches, to complete teams’ Stronghold Standards?