WMRI off season Thinking of Lunacy and FIRST Overdrive

If we were to setup 2 playing fields one for the Lunacy and another for FIRST Overdrive for a 2 games in one how many teams would be interestred?

This would take a tremendous amount of work but is teams still have a 2008 bot and a 2009 bot what better way to introduce new students to FIRST. Where you can show them 2 games.

A very fun and different idea, I would like another chance to play the overdrive game, would you have double pits?
I am going to try and get the team to go to this as we are looking to go to an off season event.

That. Would. Be. Epic.

If I could, I would so be there.:slight_smile:

Hope that you guys can pull it off if you fly with the idea

That sounds like a fantastic idea to me. It will take A LOT of work and coordination, but would be an incredible sight to see. I think that you should do the newest game (2009) and a slightly older game than 2008, so it gives people who are now alumni volunteers that nostalgic feeling. Plus, some of the older games are way cool to watch.

Good luck, if you are seriously thinking of doing this, partner with teams in your area…your gonna need as much help as you can get.

I’d love to see 2004 played again… of course, i wouldn’t be able to make it. but it would make for a wicked webcast event.

If we get enough interest we would consider it, I just wanted to make sure that enough interest existed. We most likely would have to have a 07 -08 game to gather the parts to make the field work.

I serve as a member of the WMRI planning team and ran it past a couple of others, who suggested I post something to see what kind of interest it generated.

The biggest problem would be Volunteers, but i would definitely volunteer, whether we came or not.

2007 I think is the oldest game you could do, with the high number of 3rd year teams in the area, and it is a young enough game that robots may still be around from then.

I completely agree with the game choice, that was my first year in FIRST and I loved that game. It was simple AND fun to watch.

As for volunteers, I do not think it would be a problem. With the HUGE Michigan FIRST community I think if you partnered with the right team(s) it would all go well and would be a fantastic event.

Difficult task to complete and manage, but it would overflow with awesomeness if successfully performed.

I support the idea.

One thing that someone briefly mentioned here is you would have to make sure the pits are larger. Putting 2 competing robots into a single 10’x10’ pit doesn’t sound like much fun.

Where would the games be located at and would matches be run at the same time. It would also be intriguing if you had ranking based on combined record in the two games. Eliminations could be, 3 out of 5 with rotating matches of Lunacy and Overdrive. It would be a ton of work, but if you could figure out how to coordinate it I would love to watch/participate in it.

That certainly sounds interesting, assuming you could get the logistics for it sorted out, we’d definitely be interested, and our 2008 bot still works.

I’m definitely with the bigger pits idea, there’s no way you could fit 2 robots in a standard size pit. :rolleyes:

This sounds like a really cool idea and there could be a lot of teams considering you are in the Michigan Area. But you will have to worry about power, venue, pit size, and playing field. Another thing that you need are a lot of volunteers. If you guys have all that you need, then this is a fantastic idea.

It would be very tough to organize but if it can be pulled off I think it would be awesome to see. I believe 910 will be coming to WMRI either way this season, but I’m not sure.

Make sure that you either already have the field or are willing to build it, as it is extremely unlikely that FIRST still has old fields that they would be willing to rent out.

No, they don’t. They recycle the old game elements for future game elements.