This thread was inspired by the THOR West thread.
This is a place where people can discuss the upcoming offseason event on saturday, WMRI. According to the WMRI website there is 32 teams attending. The event will run the regular distract pick system of 8 3 robot alliances.
The team list on the WMRI website is:
74 - Team C.H.A.O.S.
85 - BOB Team
107 - Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.
141 - WOBOT
904 - D-Cubed
1918 - NC Gears
2013 - Cybergnomes
2054 - Tech Vikes
2075 - Enigma
2405 - Techno Trojans
2767 - Stryke Force
3234- Red Arrow Robotics
3357 - The COMETS
3452 - GreengineerZ
3546 - Buc’n’Gears
3572 - Wavelength
3620 - Average Joes
4003 - TriSonics
4004 - M.A.R.S. Rovers
4325 - Cassopolis RoboRangers
4237 - Lance A Bot
5173 - Fennville RoboHawks
4482 - Id Robotics
4967 - That ONE Team
5675 - WiredCats
5710 - The O-Bots
5927 - Globetrotters
6065 - Titanium Dragons
6090 - Wayland Wildcats
7054 - SC Sailors
7810 - Oakridge Eagles
8572 - Shores Robotics


The last email we got about food said there were 38 teams expected. Must have been a few last minute additions that didnt make the website yet. Looking forward to dusting off our old bot and seeing if it all still works!

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Anyone know if they are planning on streaming the event on Twitch? I’m guessing not, seeing as they didn’t last year.

BTW - 2771 will be there.

The OP is now a wiki so if your team is not in the list and you will be there go ahead and add it

Is there a stream?


Is there anyone who could post result and/or draft order?

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I’ll have to see if we still have a picture of the elimination brackets. I know that out number 2 alliance had a great run and a lot of fun making it to the finals. The event was a good time as always and we’ll be back next year!

As a side note, it was awesome to finally team up with our alliance partners. Working with our neighbors to the south 3546 and having the opportunity see the strategy 2767 employs in action was a perfect way to end a season. The raw power of that 2767 machine is outstanding. Our last climb of the finals we got bumped by them and were both out of position, Cory asked “if we climb we’ll hit you, do you care?” I replied that we were never using our 2019 robot again, he said they weren’t either and gave the go. Watching their robot lift ours and then bend all kinds of ridgid parts like they were made of rubber was really impressive. In the end we both slipped out of position and took the silver, but man what a ride.


It was a great time playing against you in quarters. Definitely a good send off for our robot.

Part of the reason we didn’t care about our bot falling was because it was all banged up from you guys playing defense on us. We had fun trying to find a way to get away from you though, even if we kept driving into another trap.

It’s always fun to watch your climb too, glad I got to see it one last time.

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I know the order of who moved on and who was eliminated but not the teams


1 beat 8
2 beat 7
3 beat 6
4 beat 5


4 beat 1
2 beat 3


2 won first match
4 won second match
4 won event

Alliance 1 was 3620, 2075, 4967 (Average Joes, Enigma, That ONE Team)

alliance 2 was 3572, 2767, 3546
alliance 3 was 141, 4003, 2013
alliance 4 was 5927, 2054, 5173
alliance 7 was 3452, 4004, 107

Our robot has an appointment with the chiropractor next week…

You can’t kill Suction Cup Robot.

what happened? did the arm with the suction cup on it bend?

This happened…


oh yikes. Was this the first time all season that happened?

The arm that comes flying out with the suction cup is chome moly and turned out to be quite resilient and doesn’t appear to be damaged. The carrier that goes up and down got twisted inside it frame guide as you can see.

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I knew when the climbed started that it was going to be bad! It happened before, just never this bad before.

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