WO-BOT 2009 141

Here she is!!!
Take a look!!
We don’t have all the functions in the video… got to leave some surprise for Traverse City.

unfortunately we don’t have any sound from sandstorm yet.

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

I made an account just so I can say that that robot looks really really neat! :ahh:

Pretty cool design. Looks like you collect the balls, then raise the collection platform to dumping height?

Interesting drive system also, very professional looking robot.

141 always delivers a new slant on the game. This year you didn’t disappoint - big gray box! Balls go in box, magic happens, balls go in trailer! Genius!

I love the mystery of the design. I suggest you perpetuate the myth that the internals of your robot are actually a well trained monkey. If it doesn’t work at any time you can just blame it on not giving the monkey enough bananas.

Really though it looks like you guys will be able to hold your own. You were fantastic last year and I’m sure you’ll do well again this year.

Hahaha I love it, it’s like some kind of alien visitor with secret innards.

i love it sooo cool and look neat too nice crab drive:eek:

That is until the monkey rips someones face off between matches.

Wow another Wonderful Wobot hopefully we will get a chance to work with you at West Michigan!

Can we see a pic.?

Can the balls be extracted safely from within the gray box when the robot is powered down at the end of a match?

Yes they can. the top is open. and we can also get the balls out from the intake roller.

Heres a Video of the robot with out a magic box.

How does it pick the balls up?

(I have to do this) Wo I love your Bot! :]

The door on the side for the balls make your robot look really slick.

Great maneuverability it looks like too. I agree… the opaque sides add some mystery, but from what I can see functionally, whatever’s inside there was thought out pretty well!

Have fun this season,


Very cool!
But… no red paint? No hat/decorations?

i would not be worried about seeing in the box as much as what is underneath the robot… this part of the robot was not shown in the video…
we will see you guys in Wisconsin. that will be fun

We will add decals to the robot to make it look fancy.
we hope we can put on 15 pounds of decals… lol

85 B.O.B.

Just a simple roller with fingers to grad the ball. Its the same roller that will shoot the balls out. its all on one elevator. We should be able to hold 35-40 balls.

And for your pic question you will see it in a few days. :wink:

Your robot employs a really good strategy. Opponents will treat a robot holding 2 balls a lot differently than they will a robot holding 20 balls. Unless all your opponents keep a close eye on you the entire match they will be forced to assume you are a perpetual scoring threat. Very clever. I wonder if we will see more translucent machines turning opaque over the course of the season.

I was under the impression that referees had to see the game objects inside your robot as a means of determining whether you are violating <G24>.

I thought there was a specific rule which stated this, but I’m humiliated to say I can’t find it right now.

Edit: After much searching I still can’t find this. I bet I made it up.
Now 148 can go back to our original plan for Tornado… wood paneling!

My thoughts exactly. WoBots just made the hard job of seeing two empty cells onboard even harder. But then, unless the pilots remember, they won’t see the empty cells either …