Women in STEM Outreach Program

Hey!! A group of us at 1730 started a program called CADettes and were wanting to expand across FIRST!! I’ve attached a flyer below. Feel free to contact me or ask questions below!



I don’t see a flyer. 6391 would be interested. Please forward or attach the flyer.

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It is attached now!


Trobots (5013) are definitely interested!


I will talk with 2169 KING TeC but most likely yes

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Sent an email! I work with a lot of all-girls events/teams/etc so I’d be happy to help. Thanks for posting the topic.

I’ll forward it along for 1108.

I am currently working on a curriculum for it, and will be reaching out to all of you shortly! I appreciate the enthusiasm greatly :slight_smile:

Hi, do you think that you could forward be the information on the curriculum once complete? I am from Team 3374 (JH Robobroncs) and would be interested to see what you come up with!

Please message me with an email address I can send information to!

Please send me an email address I can copy on our next corresponadances!

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