Womens Compeition Variations on field

hey everyone!
Team 469 was wondering what type of variations will be taking place to the towers and cart? Specifically speaking the dimensions and supplies added or taken off for either the tower and or cart. If anyone knows please let me know ASAP so we can modify!
Team 469

i dont think anything is changing to the towers/cart, all i know that is changing is the ball size, but if something is changing to the towers/cart then our team never hurd anything either. im sure all the teams with rollers to pick up balls are gunna have a fun time adjusting to the ball size…:smiley:

Yes there are changes. I do not konw what they are either. We all need to know as valuable time for the ladies is counting down.

Hey Mac… what are the details?

*Originally posted by Josh Fritsch *
**im sure all the teams with rollers to pick up balls are gunna have a fun time adjusting to the ball size…:smiley: **

That is one reason that 201 isn’t doing girls this year. Two weeks isn’t enough time for the few girls on our team to remake our entire box.

Personally, i think that just using smaller balls is stupid. Actually, i(and most of 201) is really tired of the game this year. I think it may have been because of the allicanes. I don’t know. But… to the teams that are doing it, Have FUN!!! :cool:

Everything we do in OCCRA is criticized and we’ve come to accept it (and expect it!); some tell us the game is too rough, others tell us it’s too tame. Some say we give out too many awards, some say not enough. Some say we were stupid to play alliances, some think it’s the best thing we’ve done so far. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. We listen to all suggestions and try to reach consnsus on a plan that seems most likely to advance us toward our mission. We were told by most people last year that they didn’t want the Womens’ Tournament to be held as late this year, but they also wanted to start OCCRA later in September and most people wanted a longer build time before the first tournament. Furthermore, we were told that having a totally different game for the young ladies required way too much engineering in the short time allocated. With Thanksgiving vacation coming a week later this year, we decided to simplify the modification process by keeping the game the same and just changing the ball size. This meant little or no chassis modifications would be needed. To give the young women more time, the rules were announced by e-mail, at tournaments, and by an official posting on this site) over 3 weeks ago. We figured that would give a nice long design and prototyping period with 2 weeks of fabrication time. Gender equity studies have shown that guys tend to jump in and take over in co-ed projects (like OCCRA). We want to give our young women the chance to shine! Finally, we want to encourage all of you to keep expressing your opinions. That’s why we put together the survey that each team was given at the county championship. We will publish the results of the team surveys in a few weeks before our December wrap-up meeting.