Wonder Wheels (aka Side Slip Wheels)

I saw a couple posts with some photos of these side slip wheels.

Any tips on how to make them? Anyone figure out how to use standard parts (or where most custom machined)?

We have very limited manufacturing capabilities, but would like to use this type of wheel design.

Any info would be appreciated.


Hi Scott

We thought about using the side-slip wheels this year but decided not to. The reason, there is no way to stop your robot from being pushed around from the side.

Wayne Doenges

Hey Wayne,

Thanks for the input. For what we are thinking, that wouldn’t be an issue, so we’re still very interested in pursuing this.


I can tell ya that the omni-wheels, as our team calls them, that our team made were completely manufactured out of lexan and aluminum.

~Tom Fairchild~, who’s still trying to figgure out if we’re going to use them in the drive train this year.

The setup we used last year provided a good deal of traction left/right IIRC as we didn’t have all 4 wheel mounts as omni-wheels. Instead we had a 4 wheel drive differential system with 4 omni-wheels in front, and 2 wide wheels in the rear with really good traction. This let us have 4-wheel drive and a good turning radius.

Quick explanation on the 4 wheels in front. The wheels were set up in pairs, 2 on the right front whell mount and 2 on the left front. This was done because with the rollers the wheel doesn’t have a perfectly circular shape and doesn’t touch the ground everywhere. So we had two at 30 degree out of sync so that where one didn’t touch the other did, thus improving our forward/backward traction. Depending on your omniwheel design this angle might or might not be different.

The whole system doesn’t have as good left/right traction of course, but it does have a better turning radius and if the driver understands the system then he can lurn to push straight on and not to take hits in the front sides. IMHO It’s a really awesome wheel set.

Oh yes one other thing, make sure you have extra pieces the omni-wheels don’t follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy and hence will wear and tear faster and probably need replacement parts when you didn’t expect them to need it.