Wondering what you did with your Tetras

Like most people who went to Brunswick Eruption I took some tetras. I hung mine on my wall above my bed. I was just wondering what you have done with yours. Pictures would be nice.


If someone already made a topic like this sorry, just link me.

Um. Our tetras…broke. All of them.

So we duct taped a few back together to do presentations at local schools.

Those broke as well.

In conclusion, we have no tetras to do anything with :frowning:

1293’s tetra connectors gave up the ghost months ago. We zip-tied them together until we figured we didn’t need them anymore, then dismantled them. We still have the tubes and all, though.

Good thing they’re designed to last one season, I guess.

The duct tape holding our tetras gave up months ago, so we reducttaped them for the lego tournament we attended last weekend. And then when we got there, the goals broke, so now every tetrahedral shaped object from 2005 that our team owns is duct taped. I wonder if the same applies to 467…

If I had some usable tetras though I would likely make a shrine to my sister’s 5 point ball from 2005 with Woodie and Dean’s signature.

Our tetras? Well I think two are broken and our other two are just sitting around our robot building area. We will use them ever now and then for occasional events, but thats about it.

Our tetras just got remade =]

We had them all clovered together just not cemented so we recemented them

and now they’re still together.

We use them on the new drivers like to train them. Since our drivers for the past 2 years graduated.

Well most of thm broke and the remaining 2 have been misplaced. I need to go find those…

uhh…I need to find ours ASAP tomorrow…I get out of school at 2:25, presentation 10-15 minutes away at a corporation for sponsorship at 3:00…I think I have an idea where they are, I just hope they are kind of together. :stuck_out_tongue:

all of ours broke, so we duct-taped it back on…until they decided to break again, in which they were re-ducttaped…then they broke again n we gave up lol

(side track thought)

For everyone who said they have broken tetras they dealt with, was:

A) The pvc pipes broken

B) The clovers broken

C) The bolts stripped

or a combination of a, b, or c

or something else totally?

Our clovers broke. We never had problems with bolts stripping or pipes breaking, the clovers simply snapped either during assembly or practice.

The Clovers. 5 of our clovers were broken with in a week of putting the tetras together, but we got replacments and those lasted the rest of the build season.

come to think of it, we had like…20 of those…and i havent seen any for the past 6 months or so…hmmm interesting…

I was thinking about when we recemented them…we did break the clovers durin the procress…so for the A B C thing… B! CLOVERS =]

Between buttons, tetras, bins and balls, I think we could open a FIRST museum in our house. Packrats, all of us. Bad thing. :o

Um they are sitting around somewhere I think, we mostly use chairs now for our demos

About 80ish of them are taking up space in our “garage”. The first ones we built feel apart months ago.

Yep, that’s about it. Our 1 vision tetra fell apart or was raided for clovers sometime during or after build. Our other two are gathering dust for now.

And in regards to Elgin’s question, it was clovers breaking. Just try breaking PVC. The bolts are fine too.